Japfa Run

How To Submit

How To Submit Manual:

  • Download and create an account on a tracker app that is available for free on the play store or app store

  • Start / record your activity whilst following the current health protocol

  • Go into the japfacomfeed.co.id website and click submit

  • Login with the email and password you have registered before.

  • Choose the virtual menu (click three lines icon in the top left corner) then select “JAPFA Virtual Run & Ride”

  • Click the Submit button then upload your Activity result (distance and time), screenshots (max of 3) of the tracker app including your time and date of the activity and the name or account’s profile on the app. You can also sync your account to the Apps (Garmin/Strava/FitBit), by click button on virtual menu

  • After submitting, the result will be accumulated on the leaderboard visible on japfacomfeed.co.id automatically.

  • On the multiple run period, the contestant may submit their result up to 3 times a day.

How to sync tracker apps:

  • There are 3 apps that can sync with your account: Garmin, Strava & FitBit

  • Download and create an account on the app for free on the play store or app store.

  • Synchronize app data with imtiket.com by:
    1. Login with the previously registered email and password.
    2. Select the Virtual menu then click the "APP SYNC" button.
    3. Synchronize your garmin/strava/fitbit account.
    4. Your tracker app account will be synchronized with your imtiket.com account.
    5. Participants only need to connect 1 time with the app without having to re-sync every time they submit or take part in a challenge.

  • Take the challenge using the tracker app. The sport selected must match the type of category listed (Example: if it is listed as Run select Run on app instead of walking or other sports), start running or cycling while still adhering to the health protocol using the tracker application.

  • Your activity data on the tracker app will be automatically entered into the imtiket.com submit data.

  • Participants do not need to submit manually again if they are already connected to the app. However, participants can still submit manually if they do not use the application.

  • To check the submitted data and leaderboard results, you can see by:
    1. Select the virtual menu and then select the event you are participating in.
    2. The "History Activity" section is the submitted data that has been entered from the tracker application.
    3. The "Leaderboard" button is the ranking data / leaderboard event that you are participating in.

  • After successfully submitting, the results of running or cycling will be accumulated on the leaderboard on the website automatically.

  • The recognized activity results are the first 3 submissions on a daily basis

  • After the activity, please log back in and check the virtual menu, if the data has not been entered, please resync your tracker apps.