Japfa Run

Frequently Asked Question

JAPFA Virtual Run & Ride 2021 is an event held by PT Japfa Comfeed Indonesia Tbk (JAPFA) where participants will run or ride VIRTUALly or anywhere and use a distance measuring tracker application whose results are submitted on the www.japfacomfeed.co.id website. Participants are allowed to use treadmills, static bicycles, e-bikes and other assistive devices in carrying out challenge activities or have to carry out activities outside the home while still observing the applicable health protocols.
Registration for JAPFA Virtual Run & Ride 2021 will be open from September 9 to October 6, 2021 for regular registration. Registration will be closed at any time if the registration quota has been met.
JAPFA Run 2020 participants cannot apply for a refund because they have passed two refund submission periods. JAPFA Run 2020 participants will automatically become JAPFA Virtual Run & Ride 2021 participants and can re-register with a voucher code so there is no need to make a payment again.
The JAPFA Virtual Run & Ride 2021 event period starts on October 8 (at 06.00 +7 GMT) ad finish on November 21, 2021 (at 23.59 +7 GMT) 2021.
Foreigner/Indonesian participants who are domiciled in Indonesia, at least 6 years old, and physically and mentally healthy. Or all JAPFA employees outside Indonesia.
How to register
  1. If you already have an imtiket.com account before, you can directly log in. If you don't have an account yet, you can create an account and verify the email that was previously registered.
  2. After the email has been successfully verified, Log in on the registration menu.
  3. After successfully logging in, select the JAPFA Virtual Run & Ride 2021 on the event menu
  4. Register with the correct data.
  5. Participants can register for the challenge with a maximum of 1 challenge run and 1 challenge ride.
  6. Make Payments according to the pre-selected payment method at maximum of 1x24 hours.
  7. Participants will receive a challenge guide via email at maximum of 1x24 hours after successfully registering (if participants do not receive an email, please check the spam/junk/promotion folder).

How To Submit Click Here
Participants must be at least 6 years old when the challenge period begins.
Participants are allowed to take part in 2 available challenges, Run & Ride. Category details as follows:
  1. Multiple Run 50K + Real Time Run 5K/10K
  2. Multiple Ride 150K + Real Time Ride 25K/50K
Registration Fee IDR 175.000,- ($12.5) Jersey, Participant medal, mask,
E-BIB & E-Certificate
Add On 1 IDR 30.000,- ($2.5) + Folding Bag
Add On 2 IDR 70.000,- ($4.9) + Cap
Add On 3 IDR 75.000,- ($5.2) + Bidon
Add On Package 1 IDR 100.000,- ($7) + Folding Bag & Cap
Add On Package 2 IDR 105.000,- ($7.3) + Folding Bag & Bidon
Add On Package 3 IDR 145.000,- ($10.2) + Cap & Bidon
Full Package IDR 175.000,- ($12.5) + Folding Bag, Cap & Bidon

Notes :

  • The above costs do not include admin fees and shipping.

Singapore IDR 260.000,- ($18.2)
Vietnam IDR 490.000,- ($34)
Myanmar IDR 550.000,- ($38.2)
China IDR 925.000,- ($65)
India IDR 880.000,- ($61)
Bangladesh IDR 990.000,- ($69)
Participant benefit delivery time is 15 – 27 November 2021, or take longer time for participants outside Indonesia
The procedure for submitting a challenge can be seen here.
At the JAPFA Virtual Run & Ride 2021, there are no podium prizes for each category. However, participants can take part in various competitions with prizes held on the official JAPFA Instagram account with terms and conditions which can be seen here.
During the multiple challenge period, participants may submit the challenge results in several submissions as long as the limit determined by the organizer or until the challenge limit is met, with a maximum of three (3) submissions in one (1) day.

During the real time challenge period, participants can only upload one time.
Participants are allowed to use a treadmill, E-bike or bike trainer while participating in the challenge.
Cheating committed by participants is beyond the responsibility of the organizers. However, the Organizer will verify the results submitted by each participant.
Participants can get the information about the competition at:
a. Website: www.japfacomfeed.co.id
b. Media Sosial: @japfa.id
c. E-mail: info@japfarun.com
d. WA: +62 895 - 2509 - 1171